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The Worst Time Was the Best Time to Get a New Accountant

Thank God for the Internet, and e-Office Team a bookkeeper in Sacramento & Roseville! It was around tax season when I fired my bookkeeper, which in hindsight, wasn’t the greatest move. Really, I should have fired him much earlier, but instead I left myself high and dry during the time I needed an accountant most of all. Luckily, it didn’t take me too long to find e-Office Team.

In my desperation, I did a quick Google search for bookkeeping and accounting in Sacramento and came up with a few big companies and a few smaller ones too. I immediately dismissed the bigger ones because I wanted to have a smaller company so that I would get more personalized service. That was a priority for me—to get great customer service as well as accurate work from them.

e-Office Team seemed to be exactly the company I was looking for—small, but still driven and focused. I wanted to be able to as them questions and have them close by for when I wanted to have meetings with them. I was tired of having an accountant who was too many miles away to be useful to me when needed help with something.

When I met with e-Office Team for the first time, I felt like they really cared about my company—I don’t think that I really got that treatment from the other accountant I had. They even told me that it was their business practice to assign a specific associate to our account so that one person will be intimately knowledgeable with my account and would be available when I needed help.

I am really happy with e-Office Team and feel supported by them. I never thought I would be happy with an accountant that I hired, let alone one I just found on the Internet. But e-Office Team is a great accountant in Sacramento and I think their experience, knowledge and integrity will help my company immensely.

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