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Auto Title Loans Helped My Son Pay For College

I had some trouble in the past and my credit score was pretty low. I needed some extra cash because I wanted to help pay for my son’s tuition as he started his first semester of college. I didn’t think I’d have many options, but then I heard about Same Day Car Title Loan who provides car tile loans in Sacramento, Roseville, and Elk Grove. Having a bad credit score isn’t an issue and it doesn’t effect your ability to get a loan!

I couldn’t believe how easy the process was, and the employees were so kind and helpful. They explained every detail to me, from start to finish and I knew I was in good hands. I wasn’t worried that I was being tricked or taken advantage of. I only had to provide my title and a show them my ID, and I had the money I needed within an hour!

I’m able to keep my car and I’ll get the title back once the loan is paid off. They customized my pay schedule to make it specific for my needs, which I wasn’t expecting. It was such a relief to have Same Day Title Loans there to back me up and give me the support I needed regardless of my credit score.

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