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Gold in my pocket.

The other day I stopped by Oxbridge House¬†just to see what they offered and to get a feel for the place. I was pleasantly surprised that when I went in, it was very well laid out and very well organized. I guess I always pictured a place like that to be chaotic and over whelming, but this wasn’t at all.

I decided that I would go home and get all of the gold I was holding on to and sell it. I wasn’t going to do anything with it but hold onto it, so I figured why not cash it in? I knew that Oxbridge Gold Bullion San Francisco¬†would be a good place to that, so I figured there was no reason to wait any longer.

And I was so glad I cashed in the gold when I did– I got such a GREAT price for it. Well, I mean that they gave me a very fair rate for the gold I brought in. Especially since I wasn’t doing anything with it, it was a great idea to cash it in so I could use it toward my vacation!

For more information on Oxbridge House:

Oxbridge House, Inc.
2115 Van Ness Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94109


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