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Roseville Dream Home

My family has lived in Roseville our entire lives and we knew we wanted to retire in the area. When we were looking for our dream home, it was an overwhelming task. We quickly realized we should get some professional help. We found out about ATK Team through a friend I golf with who has an amazing home in the area. Of all the realtors that had homes for sale in Roseville, I was impressed by what I had heard so I gave them a call.

One of the cool features that ATK Team is their Best Buy Alerts. They let you know when the best properties in the area come available or lower their prices. They treated us as if we were the most important customer they’ve ever had, and gave us their full attention. We were impressed with the properties they showed us and it didn’t take us long to narrow it down and find the house of our dreams.

They listened to the specific wants and needs we had, and only showed us properties that met our requirements. They didn’t waste our time like I’ve heard many other real estate agencies do. They were honest and up front about what was available and what properties they were showing us. They were a joy to work with and made everything so easy for us. They took care of all the paperwork and know the area like the back of their hand, so they were able to offer us great advice and support during our searching process. Going with ATK Team was a great choice and found us the house of our dreams.

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