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Moving in

My boyfriend and I decided we were going to move in together. We got our own place so we both needed to schedule move to get our stuff into the new place. I started looking around on Yelp to find a good moving company in San Francisco and saw Yelp. My jaw almost dropped when I saw that they have over 150 ratings with five stars. They were doing something right! I gave them a call.

They were able to give me an estimate right there on the phone based on the items I listed off. It didn’t matter that my apartment was on the third floor, they said they could handle anything. When they showed up the movers were extremely friendly and got straight to work. They boxed everything up and got it moved down to the truck so fast that I couldn’t believe it. They really have the system down.

My boyfriend hired them as well and had just as great of an experience with his move. All of our stuff arrived at our new place as good as new, they took great care of the items and packaged them appropriately. I couldn’t have asked for a better move. They made moving day stress free!

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