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The New Place to Move


I looked on Yelp for a San Francisco moving company and found Golden Bay Movers. They have over 160 reviews and 5 stars! How could they be that good? I had to find out for myself, so I gave them a call. They quoted me based on the space we currently had, how much stuff we had, and how far they’d have to travel. They were extremely competitively priced compared to other companies around.

I needed a San Francisco mover because I started  my business in a small office right outside the city, but we had grown and it was time to finally move into the city and start making the real magic happen. I found a great place that was coming available soon. Once it was ready, I grabbed it and we started making moves. Everything was settled and it was time to find a moving company.

Yeah, they have that many good ratings for a reason. These guys are awesome. They have no issues working in the city, they have it down. They packed us all up and worked so fast and efficiently. They took care with the items that were more fragile and cumbersome, and we had no issues with anything being broken or damaged. Overall the move was such a success and we couldn’t be happier.

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